Final Report


Presentations Made

WWW Page Traffic/Visibility

Resources Developed and Distributed

Students in the US connected with students in other countries through databases/email/artwork etc.

Teachers trained in educational technology and Cross-cultural Awareness

Online Collaborative Educational Projects Between classes/students

Citizen Exchanges/Interaction facilitated

Language Study Enhanced

Humanitarian Assistance and Technology provided

FTE In the News

FTE Participant Quotes

Report on the Friendship Through Education

Summary of Results

  • 1,456 US Teachers Trained on how to integrate international collaboration in their classrooms
  • 1,703 Teachers trained in countries with significant Muslim populations
  • over 86,000 students engaged in online interaction
  • Over 200 US educators and students physically visited Muslim countries
  • Over 350 educators and students physically met US teachers--both at international events and through exchange visits to the US
  • Curriculum materials developed to internationalize US classrooms
  • Collaborative publications have been published with contributions from US schools, as well as those with significant Muslim populations.
  • Schools in the US have started to assist student Arabic language skills
  • Significant media attention in the US and Abroad has been effective in prommoting the FTE program
  • US students have been able to mobilize their communities to provide humanitarian relief to Afghan schools and Iran earthquake victims