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Students in the US connected with students in other countries through databases/email/artwork etc.

Teachers trained in educational technology and Cross-cultural Awareness

Online Collaborative Educational Projects Between classes/students

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Humanitarian and Technological Assistance Provided Through FTE

A number of member organizations provided or arranged for equipment and humanitarian assistance to citiizens of countries with significant Muslim populations

In addition, schools throughout the United States responsed to FTE's SOS (Schools Outfiting Schools) Project through which funds were raised and provided to the US Fund for Unicef, Relief International or Afghans for a Civil Society. Over $46,000 was raised by students and their communities, providing schools supplies for thousands of Afghan students, some of whom were attending school for the first time in their lives.

Other schools adapted the SOS Program to provide assistance in other forms. For example, Elizabeth Ross started a campaign in her community in Illinois to provide soccor uniforms for Afghan students. In July 2003, she wrote:

Hello everyone!
I've just completed packing four large boxes (18" by 19" by 29") filled with the following:
.. 279 complete soccer uniforms (jerseys, shorts, socks)
..21 soccer shirts with shorts
..8 goalie jerseys
..7 additional pairs socks
..9 pairs shin guards
..8 pairs soccer shoes
..10 baseball jerseys (!)
..1 referee shirt with socks
..107 additional soccer jerseys
In addition, I am please to let you know that a local business, North Shore Soccer and More in Northfield, Illinois, has donated 112 brand new soccer shorts (retail value over $2,200.00!) to be paired with the individual soccer jerseys that were collected.
Thanks to all of you for your help with this project. May the children of Afghanistan enjoy these uniforms in good health!


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