Final Report


Presentations Made

WWW Page Traffic/Visibility

Resources Developed and Distributed

Students in the US connected with students in other countries through databases/email/artwork etc.

Teachers trained in educational technology and Cross-cultural Awareness

Online Collaborative Educational Projects Between classes/students

Citizen Exchanges/Interaction facilitated

Language Study Enhanced

Humanitarian Assistance and Technology provided

FTE In the News

FTE Participant Quotes

Language skills have been important the Friendship Through Education

Through the Friendship Through Education, US schools ahve been able to provide language training in Arabic Language through the contribution of Rosetta Stone software. Fairfield Language Technologies has made a significant contribution to FTE--a site license of its software to every school, worth $3,000 per school. As of the time of this report, a total of 800 site licences have been distributed to schools in the United State--a market value of $2.4 million. Schools wishing to receive a site license should write to: a registration form.