Final Report


Presentations Made

WWW Page Traffic/Visibility

Resources Developed and Distributed

Students in the US connected with students in other countries through databases/email/artwork etc.

Teachers trained in educational technology and Cross-cultural Awareness

Online Collaborative Educational Projects Between classes/students

Citizen Exchanges/Interaction facilitated

Language Study Enhanced

Humanitarian Assistance and Technology provided

FTE In the News

FTE Participant Quotes

The Friendship Through Education has received considerable coverage in the media--both print and electronic.

News for Educators Online:

Local television in San Diego covered the visit of Afghan teachers as they met with educators and civic leaders

White House Thanks School for assisting Afghan Schools.

Foreign Policy Magazine lables FTE as a Web Site that shapes the world

FTE highlighted in Cairo, Egypt Press page 1 & page 2

Arlington, VA - Karachi, Pakistan FTE connection page 1 & page 2

Educational Technololgy magazine "Converge" highlights FTE

Education Week page 1 & page 2

The FTE Launch was covered by CNN (page 1 & page 2) and other televison networks

Embassies around the world have highlighted FTE, such as in Egypt

Student Newspapers also felt the story of FTE was important

Education technology magazines like "Multimedia Schools" shared FTE with their readers

Educational marketers saw FTE as something they would promote pro bono

Education World (page 1 & page 2) also brought FTE to the attention of educators.