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WWW Page Traffic/Visibility

Resources Developed and Distributed

Students in the US connected with students in other countries through databases/email/artwork etc.

Teachers trained in educational technology and Cross-cultural Awareness

Online Collaborative Educational Projects Between classes/students

Citizen Exchanges/Interaction facilitated

Language Study Enhanced

Humanitarian Assistance and Technology provided

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WWW Statistics

From the outset of the Friendship Through Education Program, the WWW has been a powerful tool to both share information and enable teachers and students to identify programs fitting their interests and needs.

Between October 2001 and December 2003 the FTE WWW site received 3.3 million page visits, averaging over 4,200 page visits per day. The two peak months were March and April 2003. This is significant because interest and use of the FTE site has continued over three years--long after the intense media attention to the tragedy of September 11, 2001 had stopped. Further, it is clear that when the war in Iraq broke out, it was FTE to which teachers turned for information on how to link with and learn about countries with Muslim populations.

The FTE WWW site has been accessed by persons in 141 countries.

Each FTE member organization reported increased www page visits, as referrals from the FTE WWW site.